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A video game or computer game is an electronic game that involves interaction with a user interface or input device (such as a joystick, controller, keyboard, or motion sensing device) to generate visual feedback from a display device, most commonly shown in a video format on a television set, computer monitor, flat-panel display or touchscreen on handheld devices, or a virtual reality headset. Most modern video games are audiovisual, with audio complement delivered through speakers or headphones, and sometimes also with other types of sensory feedback (e.g., haptic technology that provides tactile sensations). Some video games also allow microphone and webcam inputs for in-game chatting and livestreaming.

Video games are typically categorized according to their hardware platform, which traditionally includes arcade video games, console games, and computer (PC) games; the latter also encompasses LAN games, online games, and browser games. More recently, the video game industry has expanded onto mobile gaming through mobile devices (such as smartphones and tablet computers), virtual and augmented reality systems, and remote cloud gaming. Video games are also classified into a wide range of genres based on their style of gameplay and target audience. (Full article...)

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  • ... that the video game mode Ultimate Team has been criticized for its reliance on loot box packs, considered to be a controversial form of gambling?
  • ... that a version of the video game Rhino Rumble was not released due to the creators not wanting to add licensed characters?
  • ... that the European version of the video game Tomba! uses the theme song of the television series No Sweat as its opening theme?
  • ... that the graffiti artists hired for the video game Skitchin' were interviewed at a train station because they were too young to drive?
  • ... that when Kaz Ayabe pitched his video game Boku no Natsuyasumi to Sony, he said that illustrator Mineko Ueda was interested in the project even though they had never actually met?
  • ... that the 2005 video game Bokura no Kazoku was inspired in part by the birth of its creator's first child?
  • ... that the video game Manor Lords was wishlisted more than three million times on Steam after its developer had estimated it would receive around 14,000?
  • ... that Rawson Stovall became the first nationally syndicated video game journalist in the United States when he was only eleven years old?
  • ... that the developers of the video game Golf Club: Wasteland jokingly announced that they would only sell one copy at a price of $500 million?
  • ... that the web-based video game Moderator Mayhem was based on a card game meant to demonstrate the difficulties of content moderation?
  • ... that Terra Invicta's development company is a group of former volunteer video game modders that decided to release their own game after the success of their mod?
  • ... that the contrabass trombone has experienced a revival in film music and video game soundtracks?

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April 16, 2024 – 2023–2024 video game industry layoffs
American video game company Take-Two Interactive lays off 5% of its workforce. (Reuters)
April 10, 2024 – 2023–2024 video game industry layoffs
American video game company Epic Games announces that it will lay-off around 870 employees, roughly one-sixth of its workforce, due to slower growth than expected. (CBC via Yahoo! News)
December 22, 2023 –
China passes a series of regulations aimed at limiting video game microtransactions. The new rules include banning rewards for logging on for multiple consecutive days and banning rewards for players if they spend money in a game for the first time. (Reuters)

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