Manko Taxawu Sénégal

The Manko Taxawu Sénégal (Wolof: "Coalition for the Revival of Senegal") is a group of several political parties organised to contest the 2017 Senegalese legislative elections. The coalition was originally intended to form a unified opposition list to challenge President Macky Sall's Benno Bokk Yakaar coalition, but negotiations among key opposition figures broke down over disputes on whether former President Abdoulaye Wade or imprisoned former Mayor of Dakar, Khalifa Sall, would head the list.[1] Wade instead led his own coalition, Mako Wattu Senegal, into the election.

The coalition was organised and principally led by Khalifa Sall, who broke away from the Socialist Party, and former Prime Minister Idrissa Seck with his party Rewmi.[2] The coalition came third in the 2017 parliamentary election, winning 7 seats.[3] In 2020 following the COVID-19 pandemic aoutbreak Idrissa Seck and his party left the coalition to join back Macky Sall's presidential majority in the hope to work on a joint plan to fight the pandemic.[4]

In September 2021 Taxawu Senegal joined Ousmane Sonko's Liberate the People alliance.[5] During the following year the coalition contested first the 2022 local elections, performing well in several major cities including Khalifa Sall's victory in Dakar,[6] and later the 2022 national election, gaining 56 seats and becoming the second biggest coalition in the National Assembly.[7]

Electoral history


Presidential elections

Election Party candidate Votes % Votes % Result
First Round Second Round
2024 Khalifa Sall 69,760 1.56% Lost  N

National Assembly elections

Year Leader Votes % Seats +/– Rank Status
2017 Khalifa Sall 388,188 11.73%
7 / 165
New   3rd Opposition
2022[a] 1,071,139 32.85%
56 / 165
  49   2nd Opposition
  1. ^ Run within Liberate the People coalition.


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