Liberate the People (YAW, Wolof: Yewwi Askan Wi; French: Libérer le peuple) is a Senegalese political coalition led by Ousmane Sonko. The coalition opposes former President Macky Sall and allies against him with the Wallu Sénégal alliance led by the Democratic Party of Senegal.[2]

Liberate the People
Yewwi Askan Wi
LeaderBarthélémy Dias
Ousmane Sonko
Khalifa Sall
FounderOusmane Sonko
Founded3 September 2021 (2021-09-03)[1]
Political positionBig tent
Member partiesPASTEF
Party for Unity and Rally
Taxawu Senegaal
Republican Party for Progress
AND Saxal Liggeey
Colours  Purple,   Green
National Assembly
56 / 165

The party participated in the 2022 local elections, winning in several major cities, including Dakar.[3] After the 2022 national election the coalition became the second biggest in the National Assembly and the main opposition force against Macky Sall obtaining 56 seats.[4]



The coalition is composed of the following parties:[5]

Party Abbr. Leader Ideology Membership
African Patriots of Senegal for Work, Ethics and Fraternity
Patriotes africains du Sénégal pour le travail, l'éthique et la fraternité
PASTEF Ousmane Sonko Pan-Africanism 2021–2023
Party for Unity and Rally
Parti de l'Unité et du Rassemblement
PUR Serigne Mouhamadou Moustapha Sy Islamic democracy 2021–present
Manko Taxawu Sénégal MTS Khalifa Sall 2021–present
Republican Party for Progress
Parti républicain pour le Progrès
PRP Déthié Fall 2021–present
National Alliance for Democracy - Saxal Liggeey
Alliance Nationale pour la Démocratie - Saxal Liggeey
AND Aida Mbodji 2021–present

Electoral history


National Assembly elections

Election Party leader Votes % Seats +/– Position Status
2022 Ousmane Sonko 1,071,139 32.85%
56 / 165
New   2nd Opposition


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