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The aim of this project is to make Wikipedia an authoritative, current, and useful site for anyone interested in better understanding the field of finance. It aims to make the world a better place by demystifying the workings of financial markets, its actors, and the underlying concepts.


Finance is based on fundamental concepts in economics, but focuses on real-world phenomena and business practices. This project encompasses:

  • Corporate finance, i.e. the decisions made by firms in need of financing to implement their business strategies such as expansion, market entrance or exit, and associated regulatory and other externalities;
  • Investment finance, both providers of financing with the expectation of a return on investment and methodologies used by such entities to realize returns
  • Companies, organizations, and market structures related to the financial industry

Goals and objectives

The goals of this project are to:

  • Provide guidelines, recommendations, and standards for articles related to the field of finance and the many related subtopics
  • Provide overarching conceptual frameworks to ensure that articles are mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive, including navigational devices and knowledge taxonomy, as needed
  • Provide a forum for discussing topics related to articles about the field of finance

The objectives of this project are to:

  • Organize the topical structure of the field, primarily by way of navigational templates
  • Recruit additional members
  • Identify clear gaps in article topics
  • Agree on quality standards and requirements for articles
  • Assess and prioritize improvement needs for existing articles


For a full list of the members, see Category:WikiProject Finance & Investment participants.

To join the Finance & Investment WikiProject:

  1. watch this page
  2. Place the following userbox on your user page:

{{User finance}}

This user is a member of WikiProject Finance & Investment.

For other userboxes, including those related to Finance degrees, see our template page.

Ways to help

  1. Add the {{WikiProject Finance & Investment}} tag to articles about finance;
  2. Assess articles relevant to the WikiProject, listed at Category:Unassessed Finance & Investment articles (See also assessment department);
  3. Respond to requests on the request page;
  4. Seek out and improve articles that do not meet Wikipedia's core content policies: No original research, Verifiability, and Neutral point of view. There are numerous finance articles that are unreferenced, inadequately referenced, or lacking adequate inline citations, which may contain original research. Articles lacking in these areas should undergo improvement so that they reference material published by reliable sources.
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