DYK nominations

Marked with Green tickY are the ones where the article has appeared on the Main Page.

  1. Green tickY Disappearance of Bruno Borges, reviewed by Jon698
  2. Green tickY Bomba Patch, reviewed by Toadboy123
  3. Green tickY "I'm God", reviewed by Launchballer (initially by Viriditas)
  4. Green tickY Taubaté pregnancy hoax, reviewed by Sammi Brie
  5. Green tickY Tupinizando (created by RodRabelo7), reviewed by Skdb
  6. Green tickY Spitfire (EP), reviewed by TechnoSquirrel69
  7. Green tickY Virtual Self (EP), reviewed by Chetsford
  8. Green tickY To See the Next Part of the Dream, reviewed by Storye book
  9. Green tickY "Ghost Voices", reviewed by lullabying
  10. Green tickY Rainforest (EP), reviewed by Bilorv
  11. Green tickY Akihiko Kondo, reviewed by Panamitsu
  12. Green tickY "How Long" (Paula Toledo song), reviewed by Pollosito
  13. Green tickY The Amazing Digital Circus‎, reviewed by LunaEclipse
  14. "Not in Love" (Crystal Castles song)
  15. Carlos Bandeirense Mirandópolis hoax, reviewed by TheNuggeteer
Other DYKs

DYKs on articles improved by me, but nominated by other users.

  1. Green tickY Dariacore (album) (improved to GA status by me, nominated by Davest3r08)
DYKs reviewed (QPQ)

Marked with Green tickY are the ones where the QPQ was already used.

  1. Green tickY Anitta's anal tattoo, nominated by RodRabelo7
  2. Green tickY WFOR-TV, nominated by Sammi Brie
  3. Green tickY WTXF-TV, nominated by Sammi Brie
  4. Green tickY Savungaz Valincinan, nominated by Ornithoptera
  5. Green tickY "And He Shall Be a Good Man", nominated by OlifanofmrTennant
  6. Green tickY Fly Me to the Moon (2023 film), nominated by Prince of Erebor
  7. Green tickY Coulrophilia, nominated by Di (they-them)
  8. Green tickY 69 (number), nominated by LunaEatsTuna
  9. Green tickY Aoi Koga, nominated by Narutolovehinata5
  10. (half used) Richard Beale Davis, nominated by Pretzelles
QPQ chains (to do)