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Howdy, I'm theleekycauldron – I operate GalliumBot :) he handles the maintenance and update of various statistics and record pages for Wikipedia:Did you know. I've been wanting to operate a bot for quite some time – this account has existed since February 2022 – but he's only been active since October 2022, when I finally pushed myself to finish up some of the scripts I'd been sitting on.



GalliumBot's pronouns are he/it, mainly because it's silly that some inanimate objects are referred to as "she". Might as well get in on the game. The name "Gallium" is a few puns rolled into single username:

  1. Like gallium, the metal that melts at 85.6 °F (302.9 K), I tend to not do so well in the heat.
  2. Allium is the genus that contains leeks :)
  3. "gal" is a non-standard pronunciation of "girl"

Presumably, none of that is gonna stop Tamzin from blocking it for violating the naming policy.



  approved tasks   approval pending tasks   userspace tasks

no. name task interval first discussion brfa status
1 darn Detecting and logging modifications of DYK hooks 1 hour 00:25 passed approved active
2 vandyke Updating Wikipedia:Did you know/Statistics and notifying nominators 1 day 03:27 n/a approved active
3 proctor Updating Wikipedia:List of Wikipedians by number of DYK promotions 1 hour 00:21 n/a approved active
4 transfem Moving nominations between WP:DYKN and WP:DYKNA 5 minutes rough not started inactive
5 retro Retranscluding lost DYK nominations 1 hour passed not started inactive
6 prep set helper Cleaning up hooks at Template:Did you know/Queue 1 hour not started inactive
7 DYK protector Move-protect bolded articles that appear on Did you know 24 hours passed not started inactive
8 cupboard Maintenance of the WikiCup ? passed not started inactive
scope Printing the bot's programmatic innards in its userspace 1 hour 01:22 not necessary active
aftree Maintaining User:Theleekycauldron/fun/admin family tree 1 day 02:23 not necessary active



The WikiCup Bot analyzer, resetter, and distributor (cupboard) is an in-progress project to manage various facets of the WikiCup. It currently has no published source code.



The DYK addition and removal notary (darn) script detects modifications made to Did you know hooks when they are in the preparation areas or Main Page queues. When those modifications are detected, they are logged at the article's nomination talk page – see Template talk:Did you know nominations/Measure VY for an example of this. The source code can be found at User:GalliumBot/darn/



The missing nomination salvager (minos) script finds DYK nominations that are listed as pending, but are not transcluded to Template talk:Did you know and Template talk:Did you know/Approved. For now, it just lists 'em. The source code can be found at User:GalliumBot/minos/ A list here is provided for convenience:

Total: 3



The promotion counter to, ostensibly, rank (proctor) script maintains WP:DYKPC, a record of DYK prep builders and the number of promotions they've made over their months and years of service. The code can be found at User:GalliumBot/proctor/ The proctor script also maintains several lists in GalliumBot's userspace:

  • /proctor/open will tell you that you closed a specific nomination, on a specific date. Each nomination is sorted into month-by-month subpages according to the date the nomination was opened.
  • /proctor/close will tell you that you closed a certain number of nominations in a month. Each month-by-month page contains a sort of leaderboard, counting nominations according to the date they were closed.
  • /proctor/user will tell you how many nominations you closed in every month. Each subpage is dedicated to one user, listing their numerical count, percentage of the total number of nominations closed, and rank among promoters in each month.



The retransclusion robot (retro) script is an in-progress project to automatically retransclude lost DYK nominations to either WP:DYKN or WP:DYKNA. It currently has no published source code.



The source code publishing executive (scope) script publicizes itself and all other currently active scripts being used by GalliumBot. It can be found at User:GalliumBot/scope/



The transclusion ferrier and mover script is an in-progress project to shuttle nominations between WP:DYKN and WP:DYKNA. It currently has no published source code.



The views analyzer for DYK extraordinaire (vandyke) script updates the monthly tables and analytics pages of Wikipedia:Did you know/Statistics, collating and adjusting pageviews for articles during their Main Page appearance. Vandyke also notifies nominators when their hooks meet a certain viewcount threshold. The source code currently consists of three parts:

  •, the main library that does pretty much all of the work at the moment
  •, a wrapper script relying on the main library that can update all of the monthly archives at once
  •, a wrapper script relying on the main library that handles month-to-month changeovers