United in Hope (Wolof: Benno Bokk Yaakaar, BBY; French: Unis par l'espoir) is a political coalition in Senegal led by ex-President Macky Sall's Alliance for the Republic party. The coalition managed to obtain a majority in the National Assembly both in the 2012 and the 2017 election.[2][3] Following the 2022 election the coalition fell one seat short of the majority, but still managed to form a minority government thanks to the support to Pape Diop, the only MP elected from Bokk Gis Gis.[4] However on 25 September 2022 Aminata Touré, who lead the 2022 electoral campaign, announced she would no longer sit with BBY in the Assembly, accusing President Sall of promoting Amadou Mame Diop as president of the National Assembly due to "familial ties", meaning that the government lost its majority in the chamber.[5]

United in Hope
Benno Bokk Yaakaar
LeaderMahammed Dionne
FounderMacky Sall
Founded2012 (2012)
Social democracy
Political positionCentre
Continental affiliationAfrica Liberal Network
International affiliationLiberal International
Member partiesAlliance for the Republic
Alliance of the Forces of Progress
Socialist Party of Senegal
Colours  Brown,   Beige
National Assembly
82 / 165

Composition edit

The coalition is composed of the following parties:

Party Abbr. Leader Ideology Membership
Alliance for the Republic
Alliance pour la république
APR Macky Sall Liberalism 2012–present
Alliance of the Forces of Progress
Alliance des forces de progrès
AFP Moustapha Niasse Social democracy 2012–present
Socialist Party of Senegal
Parti Socialiste du Sénégal
PS Vacant Social democracy 2012–present
Idrissa Seck Liberalism
Economic liberalism

Electoral history edit

National Assembly elections edit

Election Party leader Votes % Seats +/– Position Status
2012 Macky Sall 1,040,899 53.06%
119 / 150
New   1st Majority
2017 1,637,761 49.47%
125 / 165
  6   1st Majority
2022 Aminata Touré 1,518,137 46.56%
82 / 165
  43   1st Minority

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