The Nanedi Valles are a set of channels in a large valley in the Lunae Palus quadrangle of Mars, located at 4.9° N and 49.0° W. They are 508 km long and were named for the word for "planet" in Sesotho, the national language of Lesotho, Africa.[1]

Nanedi Valles
The Nanedi Valleys, as seen by THEMIS (click on image to see more detail)
Coordinates4°54′N 49°00′W / 4.9°N 49.0°W / 4.9; -49.0

The Nanedi Valles are located between Shalbatana Vallis and the upper Maja Valles. They are 4 km wide at their northern end. Their valley's shape is similar to that of Nirgal Vallis, being very sinuous and having only a few short branches.[2]

Unusually for Martian valleys, the individual channel structures within the wider valley floors can occasionally be seen in this system.[3]

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