2000 Senegalese presidential election

Presidential elections were held in Senegal on 27 February 2000, with a second round taking place on 19 March after no candidate won over 50% of votes in the first round. Although incumbent President Abdou Diouf of the Socialist Party won the most votes in the first round, he was defeated by long-term opposition leader Abdoulaye Wade of the Senegalese Democratic Party in the second round,[1] marking the first time that the Socialist Party and its predecessors had lost power since independence. Voter turnout was 62% in the first round and 61% in the second.

2000 Senegalese presidential election

← 1993 27 February 2000 (first round)
19 March 2000 (second round)
2007 →
Turnout62.23% (first round) Increase 10.77pp
60.75% (second round)
Candidate Abdoulaye Wade Abdou Diouf
Party PDS PS
Popular vote 969,332 687,969
Percentage 58.49% 41.51%

First round results by region
Wade:      40-50%    Diouf:      40-50%      50-60%

President before election

Abdou Diouf

Elected President

Abdoulaye Wade


CandidatePartyFirst roundSecond round
Abdou DioufSocialist Party690,91741.30687,96941.51
Abdoulaye WadeSenegalese Democratic Party518,74031.01969,33258.49
Moustapha NiasseAlliance of the Forces of Progress280,53816.77
Djibo Leïty KâUnion for Democratic Renewal118,4847.08
Iba Der ThiamConvention of Democrats and Patriots20,1641.21
Ousseynou FallRepublican Party of Senegal [fr]18,6041.11
Cheikh Abdoulaye DièyeFront for Socialism and Democracy/Benno Jubël16,2110.97
Mademba SockRally of African Labourers–Senegal [fr]9,3260.56
Valid votes1,672,98498.621,657,30199.37
Invalid/blank votes23,4001.3810,4740.63
Total votes1,696,384100.001,667,775100.00
Registered voters/turnout2,725,98762.232,745,23960.75
Source: African Elections Database, CC (first round), (second round)


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