XIV International Brigade

The XIV International Brigade was one of several international brigades that fought for the Spanish Second Republic during the Spanish Civil War.

XIV International Brigade
La Marseillaise
CountryMostly France and Belgium
Allegiance Spain
Branch International Brigades
TypeMixed Brigade - Infantry
RoleHome Defence
Part of35th Division (1937-1938)
45th Division (1938)
Nickname(s)La Marsellesa
EngagementsSpanish Civil War
General Walter
Jules Dumont
Joseph Putz
A memorial commemorating the International Brigades

History and structure edit

It was raised on 20 December 1936 with volunteers mainly from France and Belgium, under General "Walter" (Karol Świerczewski). This Brigade was the fourth of the international brigades, and it mixed veterans with new, idealistic volunteers. It was formally named the Marseillaise Brigade, after the French revolutionary song (and national anthem).

Units edit

With subsequent consolidations and reorganisations, the XIV International Brigade included, among others, the following battalions:[1] all or elements of the following units:

Engagements edit

The brigade fought in the battles of Lopera, the Corunna Road,[2] Jarama,[3] and the Segovia Offensive.[4]

After the Nationalist strategic victory in the Battle of Brunete (6–25 July 1937), heavy losses reduced the brigade strength from four to two battalions.[5] However, the brigade lived on and was able to take part in the last Republican offensive of the war. As with all of the volunteer international brigades, the members of the XIV International Brigade faced a dark future after the eventual Nationalist victory.

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