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Welcome to WikiProject Politics. A WikiProject is a group of pages in the "Wikipedia" article namespace that are devoted to the management of a specific topic or family of topics within Wikipedia; and, simultaneously, a group of editors who use those pages to collaborate on encyclopedic work. It is not a place to write encyclopedia articles directly, but a resource to help coordinate and organize the writing and editing of those articles. This group focuses on articles in the broad field of Politics. This page and its subpages contain their suggestions; it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians. You may sign up for the project on the Participants list below.



This WikiProject aims to:

  • tie in directly to the Politics Portal to improve accessibility to high quality politics-related articles. The Portal is intended as a front page for Wikipedia's politics coverage, and should aid the reader in navigating around the articles. It should also draw attention to current events and some of Wikipedia's best politics articles.
  • support the Portal by ensuring that the Portal has plenty of high-quality articles to showcase and ensuring that readers starting with the Portal can find their way around easily
  • be as good in breadth as it is in depth. The namespace 'Politics' is rather broad, so although politics coverage can be augmented by more detailed projects, this particular project should oversee all coverage – this will involve making sure that the articles are well organised (through the use of categories) and ensuring that due attention is paid to the further reaches of the topic - for example, more obscure political theory. For the Portal, this should involve rotating the featured article and biography – rotating through domestic politics, international relations and political theory could be one way of doing this
  • be truly international – this project particularly welcomes participants from non-Anglophone countries. The Portal should be used to highlight articles that concern political issues that most readers may not be aware of, and these are far less likely to concern, say, American politics
  • Oversee the development of politics-related articles
  • Provide a clear structure of how politics articles are arranged on Wikipedia and present the Portal so as to facilitate reading and research
  • Coordinate efforts and peer review articles


  • Compile all templates, infoboxes and categories relating to the coverage of politics and link to them via this page (use a subpage if the list will be too long)
  • Assemble a list of all featured content
  • Advertise like mad! Add link to the politics portal on as many politics pages as possible – checklist Wikipedia:WikiProject Politics/Add Portal List, please expand in any way you see fit
  • That's all for now, but please add to this list if you have further ideas on how to get this project and Portal up and running!

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WikiProject Politics is one of the Politics WikiProjects.

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If you want to get involved in this project, please add your name to the participants' list. There is a userbox available for members of this project. Please feel free to put this on your user page by adding {{User WikiProject Politics}}. Alternatively, if you do not wish to use the userbox, you may add [[Category:WikiProject Politics members|{{PAGENAME}}]] to the end of your user page.

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Please see the project talk page to discuss any issues you would like to raise. Comments on the layout of the project and Portal are more than welcome. If you wish to notify other participants of a new article, please see the #To do list.

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