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Thanks for uploading Image:DSC04986.JPG. Wikipedia gets hundreds of images uploaded every day, and in order to verify that the images can be legally used on Wikipedia, the source and copyright status must be indicated. Images need to have an image tag applied to the image description page indicating the copyright status of the image. This uniform and easy-to-understand method of indicating the license status allows potential re-users of the images to know what they are allowed to do with the images.

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Your changes to Demographics of Argentina


I'm sorry, but didn't you read what I wrote in Talk:Buenos Aires? This is precisely the kind of controversial stuff that must be discussed, and consensus reached about it, before changes are made. This is a collaborative encyclopedia, so please learn to work with other editors: start a new section at Talk:Demographics of Argentina and state your objections there, but first, read the (occasionally flaming) discussion prior to it, to understand how problematic this issue might become. —Pablo D. Flores (Talk) 00:40, 21 June 2006 (UTC)Reply