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Group to Support Islam and Muslims

2016 Deir ez-Zor massacre
2016 Ouagadougou attacks
Foreign policy of the Barack Obama
Pè a Corsica
2015 Corsican protests
2015 Russian Sukhoi Su-24 shootdown
Third GECF summit
Kogalymavia Flight 9268
List of BRICS summit attendees
Canadian federal election, 2015 result
General debate of the seventieth session of the United Nations General Assembly
Avivim school bus bombing
2014 sterilisation deaths in India
Honoré Traoré
Kouamé Lougué
2014 Burkinabé uprising
Lewanika and Others vs. Chiluba
Ahmad Awad Bin Mubarak
Mothetjoa Metsing
Lesotho general election, 2014 + Lesotho general election, 2015
Battles of Gao and Timbuktu
Al Qaeda in South Asia[2]
Seventieth session of the United Nations General Assembly
Rodney Williams (American football)
2014 SCO summit
2014 Lesotho political crisis
Weightlifting at the Commonwealth Games - Men's 105 kg
Weightlifting at the 2014 Commonwealth Games – Men's 77 kg
Weightlifting at the 2014 Commonwealth Games – Women's 63 kg
List of IMF ranked countries by past and future GDP (nominal)
Iraqi Kurdish independence referendum, 2014
June 2014 Abuja bombing
House of One[3]
Foreign policy of Narendra Modi
Next South Sudanese general election
Alexander Boroday
Libyan prime ministerial election, 2014[4] -->Ahmed Maiteeq
Palestinian general election, 2014
People's Republic of Odessa
Donetsk status referendum, 2014
Denis Pushylin + Vyacheslav Ponomaryov
2014 South Korean ferry capsizing
Purpose built city
Moussa Mara
2014 Guinea ebola outbreak
Ali Abu Mukhammad
Crimean status referendum, 2014
Crimean independence referendum, 2014
List of National Democratic Alliance candidates in the Indian general election, 2014
Liberian presidential election, 2017[5]
Crimean autonomy referendum, 2014
2014 Crimean protests
René Cornejo
Ibrahim Mahlab
Justice et Redressement
Lebanese presidential election, 2014
Devassa by Playboy[6]
André Nzapayeké
File:Campaign poster during the That general election, 2014.jpg
Catherine Samba-Panza
White Bull (Native American)
2014 in LGBT rights
Southern Sudan Beverages Limited
File:MNLA flag.svg
2013 South Sudanese political crisis>> South Sudan violence targeting hospitals >> On the run in South Sudan
Bor Massacre (see [[SPLA-Nasir)
Anti Homosexuality Act, 2009
2013 South Sudanese coup d'état attempt + South Sudanese presidential election, 2015
David Sejusa
2013 South Sudan mutiny attempt[7]
Freedom and Unity Front
2013 Ukrainian protests
Delhi Legislative Assembly election, 2013
International Support Mission in the Central African Republic
Ehtiopia-Saudi Arabia relations[8]
2013 Mozambiquan conflict[9][10][11][12]
Business of sports[13][14]
Bill on the Arrangement of Bedouin Settlement in the Negev
2013 Israeli protests
Central African Republic conflict under the Djotodia administration[*1)[15][16]
Maxima Riga roof collapse
Arts and culture in international relations[17]
2013 Moldovan protests[18]
Supranational electoral calendar 2014
2013 Angolan protests[19]
Warsaw Mechanism
Kalzeubet Pahimi Deubet
Delhi legislative assembly elections, 2013
Attacks on U.S. diplomatic facilities
Iranian embassy bombings
Battle of Qalamoun[20][21][22]
Algerian presidential election, 2014
Water Diplomacy Consortium[23]
Zakir Hasanov
Thirty-second Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland
United Nations Security Council Resolution 2116 --> United Nations Security Council Resolution 2118
Westgate mall
Westgate centre shooting [24][25]>> Westgate Mall trial opens in Kenya
List of current justice ministers
Sixty-ninth session of the United Nations General Assembly
List of current central bank governors
List of presidential palaces
List of current interior ministers
List of current defence ministers
List of current finance ministers
Council of Ministers of Cyprus
Sharif III Government
Anastasiades Government
Rama Government
Oresharski Government
Elections in Punjab (India)
Bodh Gaya bombings
Next South Sudanese presidential election
Foreign rebel fighters in the Syrian civil war[26][27]
List of terrorist incidents, July–December 2013
2008 Exeter attempted bombing
Battle of al-Qusayr (2013)
Bolivian presidential election, 2015
List of Members of Parliament in the 13th Dewan Negara
Template:Lebanese Government Cabinet, April 2013
Lebanese government of April 2013
Nagaland legislative assembly election, 2013
Bulgarian parliamentary election, 2013
2013 Shahbag protests
List of members of the nineteenth Knesset
Long March (Pakistan)
Central African Republic general election, 2013
Local Public Planning Council
2013 in LGBT history + 2013 in LGBT history
International sports calendar 2013
List of terrorist incidents, January–June 2013
Final Straw
Django Sissoko
2012 Aqaba bombings
December 2012 Egyptian protests
United Nations General Assembly resolution 67/17 + United Nations General Assembly resolution 67/19
United Nations General Assembly Asian Group presidential election, 2011[28]
United Nations General Assembly presidential election, 2010[29]
Sixty-eighth session of the United Nations General Assembly
List of resolutions at the sixty-seventh session of the United Nations General Assembly
International reactions to the United States presidential election, 2012
2012 Lamma Island ferry collision [30][31]
Harbor Commons
Belizean and Guatemalan International Court of Justice referral referendum, 2013 [32]History of Belize#Independence
Czech presidential election, 2013
September 11 2012 U.S. diplomatic missions attacks + 2012 U.S. diplomatic missions attacks [33][34]*[35][36][37][38][39][40][41][42][43][44]*[45][46][47][48][49][50][51][52][53][54][55][56][57][58][59][60][61][62][63][64][65][66][67][68][69][70][71][72][73][74][75][76][77][78][79][80][81][82][83][84][85][86][87]>> US names groups suspected of Benghazi attack >> Senate report says Benghazi attack was preventable>> ‘Talk Is Cheap’: Ted Cruz Responds to Hillary Clinton Saying She ‘Regrets’ the Benghazi Attack
2011-2012 Maldives political crisis
Template:Convergence Broad Salvation of Angola-Electoral Coalition/meta/shortname
Template:United Nations General Assembly General Debates
General debate of the sixty-seventh session of the United Nations General Assembly
Template:United Nations General Assembly
2011-2012 sectarian conflict in Lebanon
2012 Philippines air crash + 2012 Philippine Piper Seneca PA 34-200 crash
Somali presidential election, 2012 [88][89][90][91][92][93][94][95][96]1 aug 12 constit
List of terrorist incidents, July - December 2012
List of terrorist incidents, January - June 2012
Template:International sports calendar
International sports calendar 2012
2013 Special Olympics World Winter Games
Rugby sevens at the 2016 Summer Olympics
Category:2016 in golf
Category:2016 Summer Olympics events
Golf at the 2016 Summer Olympics
Sailing at the 2016 Summer Olympics
Template:2016 Summer Olympics calendar
Controversies at the 2012 Summer Olympics
Template:Indian presidential election, 2012
Battle of Gao and Timbuktu
Church of the Nativity - World Heritage Site
Template:World Heritage Committee members
Andhra Pradesh by-election, 2012
Veeravalli Sundaram Sampath
Thora Arnórsdóttir
Sudan People's Liberation Movement-North
Songjiang Shimao Hotel + Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental
2012 SCO summit
Democratic Congress
Template:Lesotho parliamentary election, 2012
Nepalese legislative election, 2012 + Nepalese Constituent Assembly election, 2012
Qafa e Vishës bus accident
Next Mauritanian parliamentary election
Israeli legislative election, 2012
Kribi lighthouse
Home is the Sailor
2012 Summer Olympics Parade of Nations
7th summit of the Americas + 7th Summit of the Americas
Fernando Gomes (football)
Supranational electoral calendar 2012
1819 Rann of Kutch earthquake
Azawad Declaration of Independence
Abdoul Mbaye
United National General Assembly presidential election, 2012 + United Nations General Assembly presidential election, 2012
2013 BRICS summit
Rob Davies (footballer)
Sixty-seventh session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNCATT expectation)
Template:World Bank executive board
World Bank election, 2012 + World Bank presidential election, 2012
Template:Social Renewal Party (Guinea-Bissau) ·/meta/shortname
Template:East Timorese presidential election, 2012
Global Intelligence Files
Template:Salvadoran municipal elections, 2012
Template:Salvadoran legislative election, 2012
Swiss referenda, 2012
Template:Communist Party of Abkhazia/meta/shortname
Template:Forum for the National Unity of Abkhazia/meta/shortname
Template:Uttar Pradesh 2012 MLAs
Salvadoran legislative and local elections, 2012
Template:Slovak parliamentary election, 2012
Citizenship Act (Slovakia)
2012 Ecuadorean protests
Belizean general and local elections, 2012
Template:People's United Party/meta/shortname
Template:United Democratic Party (Belize)/meta/shortname
Naga People's Front
Template:Uttar Pradesh legislative assembly election, 2012
Template:Goa legislative assembly election, 2012
Justice and Development Party (Libya)
Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa
Wukan municipal election, 2012
List of Indians billionaires by Forbes + [[List of Indian billionaires by Forbes]]
Truth and Justice (Afghanistan)
Maldivian presidential election, 2012
Zimbabwean presidential election, 2012
Template:General People's Congress/meta/shortname
Swiss referendum, 2012
Syrian local elections, 2011
Maharashtra municipal elections, 2012
2012 elections in India
Goa legislative assembly election, 2012
2012 Israeli embassy attack
History of Libya under the Gaddafi government
2011–2012 Libyan factional fighting
Tuareg rebellions
Port Said Stadium disaster
April 2009 raid off Somalia
January 2012 Somali pirate hijacking attempt
January 2012 United States Navy SEAL Somali raid
George W. Bush II government
AMRI Hospital fire
2011 Tamil Nadu legislative assembly election result
Jayalalitha III government
Death of Gabriel Cadis
Uttar Pradesh legislative assembly election, 2007
Guinea-Bissau presidential election, 2012
International media reaction to the United States presidential election, 2008
List of armed conflicts and attacks, January – June 2011
Local electoral calendar 2013
2012 in LGBT rights
2011 Papua New Guinea political crisis
2011 Afghanistan Ashura bombings
OVER AND OUT Result of the Tunisian Constituent Assembly election, 2011
Crises situations and protests in Europe since 2000
European Financial Stability Fund
Opinion polling in the Polish parliamentary election, 2011
2011 Bolivian protests[97][98][99]
List of First Spouses
Peruvian general election, 2016
Winston Baldwin Spencer
General debate of the sixty-sixth session of the United Nations General Assembly
Sixty-sixth session of the United Nations General Assembly
Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (Ireland)
Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (Peru)
August 2011 Gaza Strip air raids
August 2011 Khyber Agency bombing
Category:Current foreign ministers
Salomon Lerner Ghitis
2011 Malawi protests
Foreign policy of Ollanta Humala
Pagan Amum
List of Finance Ministers of South Sudan
David Deng Athorbie
Template: Foreign relations of South Sudan
South Sudan–Sudan relations [100][101][102]
List of armed conflicts and attacks, July - December 2011
List of armed conflicts and attacks, January - June 2011
Opinion polling in the Finnish parliamentary election, 2011
List of MPs in the 72nd Finnish parliament
Devonwall (UK Parliament constituency)
Itamar attack
Antoni Martí
Spanish local elections, 2011
Portuguese general election, 2011
Itamar killings
International reactions to the 2011 Libyan protests
2010-2011 Algerian protests
Template:2010-2011 Arab world protests
Tawakel Karman
2010–2011 Tunisian uprising
Basque conflict
Democratic Gathering bloc
Tunisian general election, 2011
List of state leaders in 2011
List of religious leaders in 2011
List of historical monuments in Romania
List of elections by country
List of terrorist incidents, 2011
2011 in LGBT rights
Mikhail Myasnikovich
France–Monaco relations
West Bengal legislative assembly election, 2011
Indonesia-Netherlands relations
Belgium-Congo relations
Brazil-Portugal relations
Alejandro Hamed
2000s European sovereign debt crisis timeline
Malian Family Code
Henry J. Hyde United States-India Peaceful Atomic Energy Cooperation Act of 2006
Humanitarian response by for-profit organisations to the 2010 Haiti earthquake
United Nations Stabilisation Mission in Haiti
Cook Islands Member of Parliament reduction referendum, 2010
National electoral calendar 2010
Local electoral calendar 2010
Kosovar parliamentary election, 2010
October 2010 Baghdad church attack
Iran–Bolivia relations
Government of India designated terrorist organisations
Template:Bihar legislative assembly election, 2010
Bihar state assembly election, 2010 (+ Bihar legislative assembly election, 2010)
State Assembly elections in India, 2010
2010 term opinions of the Supreme Court of the United States
Reform for Fair Trade Act 2010 + Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act 2010
Coalition politics
Minister of State without Portfolio
Lebanon – Iran relations
March 14 alliance
Local electoral calendar 2011
National electoral calendar 2011
Template:Kyrgyzstani parliamentary election, 2010
Template:Brazilian presidential election, 2010
Template:Bosnian presidium election, 2010
Template:Bosnia and Herzegovina parliamentary election, 2010
Partition of Yugoslavia
Zambian general election, 2011
Zimbabwean constitutional referendum, 2011
Beninese general election, 2011
Template:Swedish general election, 2010
Turkish general election, 2011 (+ Turkey's accession to the EU)
Nigerian general election, 2011
September 2010 Quetta bombing
August 2010 Mogadishu attacks
List of world trade centres
War in popular culture
Ode to War
August 2010 Baghdad bombing + 17 August 2010 Baghdad bombings
Aslambek Vadalov
Loyalty to the Resistance bloc
Change and Reform bloc
Syrian - Lebanese relations*
Colombia–Venezuela relations#2010
Reactions to the International Court of Justice advisory opinion on Kosovo's declaration of independence
July 2010 Zahedan bombings
Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. United States Department of Health and Human Services
July 2010 Baghdad bombing + July 2010 Baghdad attacks
Electoral calendar 2011
Nigerien parliamentary election, 2011
Nigerien presidential election, 2011
July 2010 Lahore bombings
International recognition of Transnistria
Lebanese Media Group Company
Template:Dutch general election, 2010
Colour terminology for race
Talk shop
May 2010 Lahore attacks
List of Indian rail incidents
2010 Gyaneshwari Express train bombing
Armed Forces of North Korea
Foreign policy of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
List of Secretaries General of UNASUR
Iran - Ecuador relations
Foreign policy of Rafael Correa
Thai general election, 2010
2010 IBSA summit
2010 BRIC summit
5 April 2010 NWFP Bombings
Reactions to the 2010 Moscow Metro bombings
2010 in LGBT rights*
2009 in LGBT rights
Europeada 2010
2009 Kabul Indian embassy attack
India – Syria relations
6 April 2009 Baghdad bombings
2009 Assam serial blasts
2009 Chakwal mosque bombing
2009 FATA mosque attack
2009 Gujarat Hepatitis outbreak
Miguel De Garikoitz Aspiazu Rubina
Template:Foreign relations of the Vatican
Foreign relations of the Vatican
Template:Foreign relations of Palestine
2009 in LGBT rights
Indian Cricket League World Series, 2008/09
Indo-Palestinian relations
Indo-Irish relations
Politics of memory
Politics of sports
Sochi agreement
Foreign policy of Evo Morales
2008 Imphal bombings
2008 Indian Cricket League 20-20 Indian Championship, 2008/09

2007 Indian Cricket League
2008 Indian Cricket League
2008 Indian Cricket League World Series
Irish Republican Liberation Army
Europeada 2008
Sports diplomacy
Sports and politics
Politics and sports

Indian general elections, 2004-Sikkim
Mandsaur (Lok Sabha constituency)
Jhabua (Lok Sabha constituency)
Ujjain (Lok Sabha constituency)
Indore (Lok Sabha constituency)
Dhar (Lok Sabha constituency)
Khargone (Lok Sabha constituency)
Khandwa (Lok Sabha constituency)
Shajapur (Lok Sabha constituency)
Rajgarh (Lok Sabha constituency)
Vidisha (Lok Sabha constituency)
Bhopal (Lok Sabha constituency)
Hoshangabad (Lok Sabha constituency)
Betul (Lok Sabha constituency)
Chhindwara (Lok Sabha constituency)
Seoni (Lok Sabha constituency)
Jabalpur (Lok Sabha constituency)
Mandla (Lok Sabha constituency)
Balaghat (Lok Sabha constituency)
Shahdol (Lok Sabha constituency)
Sidhi (Lok Sabha constituency)
Rewa (Lok Sabha constituency)
Satna (Lok Sabha constituency)
Damoh (Lok Sabha constituency)
Khajuraho (Lok Sabha constituency)
Sagar (Lok Sabha constituency)
Gwalior (Lok Sabha constituency)
Bhind (Lok Sabha constituency)
Morena (Lok Sabha constituency)
Kolar (Lok Sabha constituency)
Chikballapur (Lok Sabha constituency)
Chamarajanagar (Lok Sabha constituency)
Mandya (Lok Sabha constituency)
Tumkur (Lok Sabha constituency)
Chitradurga (Lok Sabha constituency)
Hassan (Lok Sabha constituency)
Udupi (Lok Sabha constituency)
Davangere (Lok Sabha constituency)
Bellary (Lok Sabha constituency)
Bidar (Lok Sabha constituency)
Gulbarga (Lok Sabha constituency)
Bijapur (Lok Sabha constituency)
Bagalkot (Lok Sabha constituency)
Belgaum (Lok Sabha constituency)
Chikkodi (Lok Sabha constituency)
Bangalore South (Lok Sabha constituency)
Bangalore North (Lok Sabha constituency)
Kisan Mazdoor Praja Party
Bolshevik Party of India
Mysore (Lok Sabha constituency)
Firozepur (Lok Sabha constituency)
Jalandhar (Lok Sabha constituency)
Gauhati (Lok Sabha constituency)
2008 American consulate bombing in Istanbul
Francisco Javier Lopez Pena

2008 Viva World Cup
Islamabad Marriott Hotel bombing
2008 Danish embassy bombing
Background of the 2008 South Ossetia war
2008 Ahmedabad bombings
2008 Bangalore bombings
Miss Universe Kosovo
Zana Krasniqi
Indian Mujahideen
Lucknow (Lok Sabha constituency)‎ (Corrections)
2008 Indian embassy bombing in Kabul
Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) People's War
2008 Damascus car bombing
13 September 2008 Delhi bombings
2008 Tripoli Lebanon car bombing
List of ETA attacks
List of terrorist incidents, 2008
2008 Agartala bombings
Foreign relations of Qatar
15th SAARC summit
Maharashtra Navnirman Sena
Marathi nationalism
10 October 2008 Orakzai bombing
V. Gopalswamy (sectional)
29 September 2008 western India bombings
Grigol Mgaloblishvili
2008 Assam bombings
Bollywood (sectional) [103]
Tupamaro (Venezuela)
APEC Peru 2008 (major cleanup)
Israeli Apartheid Week
2009 Jakarta bombings
2010 Pune blast
2010 Moscow Metro Bombings
2010 Kizlyar bombings
Politics of Guinea-Bissau
2010 Maoist attack in Dantewada
Hungarian parliamentary election, 2010
2010 Kyrgyzstani riots
Tehran International Conference on Disarmament and Non-Proliferation, 2010
10 May 2010 Iraq attacks
Abdolmalek Rigi
Dutch general election, 2010
Kyrgyzstani constitutional referendum, 2010
Algirdas Brazauskas
Haitian general election, 2010
Movement for Solidarity and Development
Burundian presidential election, 2010
Hungarian presidential election, 2010
Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah (sectional)
Special Tribunal for Lebanon
Naim Qassem need more
2010 Israeli-Lebanese clash
Rwandan presidential election, 2010
John Whitehouse
25 August 2010 Iraq bombings
Iran–Arab relations#Lebanon
Swedish general election, 2010
UN Women
2010 Ecuador crisis
Bosnia and Herzegovina general election, 2010
Kyrgyzstani parliamentary election, 2010
Currency war
2010 Chechen Parliament attack
Bahraini parliamentary election, 2010
2010 Haitian cholera outbreak
2010 Istanbul bomb blast
Kosovan parliamentary election, 2010
Greek local elections, 2010
Southern Sudanese independence referendum, 2011
Jordanian parliamentary election, 2010
Malagasy constitutional referendum, 2010
Nigerian parliamentary election, 2011
Argentina–Israel relations
2010 Tunisian protests
2011 Alexandria bombing
Lebanese government of November 2009
Kyrgyzstani presidential election, 2011
Egyptian parliamentary election, 2011
Andorran parliamentary election, 2011
2011 BRICS summit
Finnish parliamentary election, 2011
Cypriot legislative election, 2011
Lebanese government of June 2011
Peruvian general election, 2011
Alberto Tejada Noriega
Bechara Boutros al-Rahi
2011 Mogadishu bombing
Danish parliamentary election, 2011Not majority or large contributor but sourced and add most important bits on government formation, etc.
Omani parliamentary election, 2011
Greek economy referendum (significant)
2011 Damaturu attacks
United Nations Security Council Resolution 2014 (significant)
Egyptian Shura Council election, 2012
Marshall Islands presidential election, 2012
January 2012 al-Midan bombing
National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad
Wilfred de Souza
Yemeni presidential election, 2012
Algerian legislative election, 2012
Belizean general election, 2012
Abkhazian parliamentary election, 2012 (sectionals)
Moldovan presidential election, 2011–2012
East Timorese presidential election, 2012
Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria (sectional)
South Ossetian presidential election, 2012
Gambian parliamentary election, 2012
2012 insurgency in northern Mali
6th Summit of the Americas
2012 Guinea Bissau coup d'état
Vidal Sassoon
Lesotho general election, 2012
Icelandic presidential election, 2012
Mongolian legislative election, 2012
Papua New Guinean general election, 2012 (Cabinet of Papua New Guinea)
Tal committee
Weightlifting at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Men's 62 kg
Weightlifting at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Women's 63 kg
Weightlifting at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Men's 69 kg
2012 Summer Olympics – Men's synchronized 3 metre springboard
Gymnastics at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Men's artistic individual all-around
Weightlifting at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Men's 77 kg
Gymnastics at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Women's artistic individual all-around
Weightlifting at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Men's 94 kg
Weightlifting at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Women's +75 kg
Diving at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Women's 3 metre springboard (final)
Weightlifting at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Men's 105 kg
Scottish independence referendum, 2014 + Britain-Scotland relations[104][105][106]
Diving at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Men's 10 metre platform
Athletics at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Women's javelin throw
Modern pentathlon at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Women's
2012 Summer Olympics closing ceremony
Rio de Janeiro Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games
Togolese parliamentary election, 2012
Food riot
Lebanese general election, 2013
Angolan legislative election, 2012
Chronological summary of the 2012 Summer Paralympics
Shooting at the 2012 Summer Paralympics – Mixed 10 metre air rifle prone SH2
Athletics at the 2012 Summer Paralympics – Men's discus throw#F42
Athletics at the 2012 Summer Paralympics – Men's long jump#F11
Powerlifting at the 2012 Summer Paralympics – Men's 82.5 kg
Powerlifting at the 2012 Summer Paralympics – Men's 90 kg
Athletics at the 2012 Summer Paralympics – Women's discus throw#F57/58
Athletics at the 2012 Summer Paralympics – Men's shot put#F34
Athletics at the 2012 Summer Paralympics – Women's discus throw#F51/52/53
[[Marikana miners' strike][107]]
Georgian parliamentary election, 2012 [108]
Belarusian parliamentary election, 2012 [109]
Pope Theodoros II of Alexandria
John William Ashe
I. K. Gujral
Italian general election, 2013 (background/campaign)
2012–2013 Northern Ireland protests
2013 Special Olympics World Winter Games
Monegasque parliamentary election, 2013
Papal conclave, 2013
Death and state funeral of Hugo Chávez
Bangladeshi presidential election, 2013
2013 Xinjiang clashes
2013 Woolwich attack
United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali
July 2013 Egyptian protests*
Indian general election, 2014
August 2013 Egyptian clashes
Islam in Slovenia
Rwandan parliamentary election, 2013
General debate of the sixty-eighth session of the United Nations General Assembly
Irish constitutional referendums, 2013
Islamic Front (Syria)
Bali Package
Turkish local elections, 2014
Tigran Sargsyan
Algerian presidential election, 2014
Antigua and Barbuda general election, 2014
Weightlifting at the 2014 Commonwealth Games – Men's +105 kg
Eduardo Campos#Death
Politics of South Sudan
Assyrian Patriotic Party
Belarusian presidential election, 2015
Guinean presidential election, 2015
2015 Beirut bombings
Vincentian general election, 2015
Mufti Mohammad Sayeed#Death
Kiribati parliamentary election, 2015–16

State Assembly elections in India
Politics of human rights[110]
Seniat tax authority
Income Tax departement India
Clarence Thomas
Transcontinental country
Cypriot civil war
Abhinav Bharat
Palestinian statehood
Arab-Venezuelan relations
Irish-Palestinian relations
American Corners
Alejandro Hamed Franco
Foreign relations of Paraguay
Hezbollah foreign relations
Foreign relations of Ecuador
Indo-Turk relations
Foreign relations of Abkhazia
Foreign relations of South Ossetia
Foreign relations of kosovo
Indo-Arab relations
List of volcanic eruptions
Indo-Somali relations
Water politics [111][112][113][114]
Felix Alberto Lopez de la Calle
Indo-Armenian relations
Latam summit
Jewish terrorism
Manouchehr Mottaki
Iran – North Korea relations
Indo-Albanian relations
Iran-Nicaragua relations
Iran–Bolivia relations
Iran-Zimbabwe relations
Mauritania-israel relations
Georgia-Abkazhia relations
Georgia-South Ossetia relations
Georgia-Kosovo relations
Serbia-Kosovo relations
South Ossetia
Argentina–Israel relations
Asian Parliamentary Assembly
Paraguayan People's Army
Iran-Jundullah conflict
Honduras - El Salvador relations
Partition of Yemen
Al-Qaeda in the Shara Emirate
American + Arab American (Shakira, Carlos Slim, Alejandro Hamed + Asian American
Al-Qaeda in the Sahel
Armenia–India relations
Gebran Bassil
South-South cooperation
Syria–Iran relations
List of state terrorist incidents, 2011
African-American (not jsut the usa)
Indonesia – Portugal relations
model code of conduct
Iran-Syria relations
India-Morocco relations
Buddhist terrorism
Palestinian cause
Syria–Israel relations
Jean Kahwaji
Ugandan general election, 2011
Bolivia-Peru relations
Politics of Music --> [115].> Palestinians hit the right notes in Gaza
Politics of justice
Politice of beer
Politics of golf --> Politics of sports?
Bible desecration
Moussa ag Achatoumane
Cameroonian parliamentary election, 2012
Red Eléctrica de España
Hungarian presidential election, 2012
Kienké River
Lobe waterfall
Agnes Oswaha
Lamine Belhadj
Yitzhak Shamir
Ireland-Palestine relations
Military entertainment complex
2012 Peruvian protests - [116]
Judah Leib Kantor/Ha-Yom - [117] Israel-Palestine relations
Defence of Pakistan (political coalition)
Standard Oil Co. --> [118]
Paraguayan coup d'etat --> [119][120]
The Final Frontier (Mad About You)
Africa-India relations
Africa-Europe relations
Clans of Lebanon/Shia clans of Lebanon [121]
Gulf Arab involvement in the Syrian Civil War
Western involvement in the Syrian Civil War
Angola Bauxite [122]
Food politics Madagascar coup, land buys in Africa, etc (Ethiopia under Meles) / Food crisis [123]
Politics of dress [124]
Politics of development [125]
2012 West African cholera outbreak [126][127]
Subak (irrigation) [128]
Turkey and state sponsored terrorism
2012 Malian crisis [129]
Eiji Kosaka[130]
International reactions to the Syrian civil war<>[131]
Senkaku Islands dispute [132][133][134][135][136][137][138][139][140][141][142]
Raul Castro#Reforms[143][144][145]
2011-2012 Palestinian protests[146]
Al Nour[147]
Ogaden conflict[148]
2011 Sudanese protests[149]
Iranian nuclear programme/israeli nuclear programme[150]
Afghan-Chinese relations[151]
2011 Sudanese protests[152]
Battle of Kismayo[153][154][155][156][157][158]
Shinzo Abe/LPJ [159]
2011-2012 Syrian civil war[161]
Kyiv Summit on the Safe and Innovative Use of Nuclear Energy
Merida declaration (as part of the Drugs War [162]
Pacific Alliance with Mexico, Peru, Chile and Colombia [163]
Sirte Declaration
Israeli Haredi-secular conflict[164]
2011-2012 Greek protests[165]
Myanmar-United States relations[166]
Aftermath of the Tunisian revolution[167]
World Bank#Reform[168]
integration without assimilation[169]
Arusha Accords for Peace and Reconciliation in Burundi[170]
Antigua and Barbuda-United States relations[171]
3rd Summit of South America and Arab Countries
1994 Barbados Conference Achieving Sustainable Energy for All in SIDS
Liliendal Declaration of CARICOM Heads of Government of 2009
Pacific Island Forum summits
Third International Conference for the Sustainable Development of SIDS 2014
Alliance of Small Island States Tonga joined 27 Sept 12, chairmanship of Naury][172]
International Seabed Authority
Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf
Fish Stocks Agreement
Council of the International Renewable Energy Agency IRENA)
Pacific Leaders Gender Equality Declaration
Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)
King George Tupou V[173]
Kampala Amendments to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court[174]
Mathew (Umaenupne) and Hunter (Leka) Islands[175]
1972 ‘London Convention on the Prevention of Marine Pollution by Dumping of Wastes and Other Matter +1996 protocol
Sub-Seabed Carbon Sequestration and Ocean Fertilisation
Kathmandu Process for promoting regional disarmament agenda
European Union-League of Arab States Ministerial Meeting (Malta 2008) + Malta II in Cairo, Nov 2012/3
Western Mediterrenean Forum
Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
Southern Africa Development Community Tanzania chair
Accra Agenda for Action[176]
Bussan partnership for Effective Development Cooperation[177]
AI-Quds CommitteePresidency
Arab Maghreb Union
Nicaragua vs. United States 1986 case
International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
9th Asia-Europe Summit Meeting which will be held from 5-6 November 2012 in Vientiane
Almaty Program of Action landlocked countries
Global Green Growth Institute 16 countries[178] Secretariat of the Green Climate Fund
Conference on Cyberspace 2013
United Nations Center for Counter Terrorism
2008 Madrid World Dialogue --> King Abdullah Center for Dialogue among Followers of Religions and Cultures (Vienna) [179]
Tokyo Conference on Afganisahn
United Arab Emirates nuclear programme[180]
Center of Excellence for Countering Violent Extremism (see above)
United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women <-- UN Women
Khairaton-Mazar-e-Sharif railway line[181] + 2 water conventions) (+2 hydropower stations) (+Armed Forces of Uzbekistan, goals)
Northern Distribution Network Uzbek controversy,and start in Latvia ?)
Melanesian Spearhead Group (Fiji chair, Timor Leste, now observer)[182]
Noumea Accord (per above)
New Caledonia indepence
French Polynesia indepence
Finjian general election, 2014 (see above)
ILO conventions
Summit of the Francophonie
Cadiz summit[183]
Andorran general election, 2011#Afterman (see above)
Communist Party of China[184]
Egypt-United States relations[187]
Safarov (Armenia-Azer relations)[188] + update to NKO negotiations
Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide
Armenia-Syria relations
Oman-Syria relations
NPT Review Conference
Foreign relations of Oman[189]
6th Summit of the Americas[190]
Cuban Five
Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism
Conference on Disarmament
UN Programme of Action to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects[191]
Conference on the tATI (per above)
Bali Process
naming history of Brazil and Bazzavile + mauritius
Independent Commission on International Development Issues reporting in 1980
Mauritus--United Kingdom relations + Tromelin[192]
Central American Peace Accords in Guatemala
Costa Rica-Nicaragua relations[193]
Rule of Law at 2012 UNGA[194]
III International Conference on the Great Lakes Region in Kampala
Southeast Asian Nuclear Weapons Free Zone
Group of Friends United Against Human Trafficking + biennial General Assembly resolution on Trafficking in Women and Girls + Global Plan of Action to Combat Trafficking in Persons + Palermo Protocol + International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of Migrant Persons and Members of their Families+ Global Forum on Migration and Development [195]
Manila Declaration on the Peaceful Settlement of Disputes
alternative education
Caribbean Community Climate Change Center, under CARICOM[196]
Central America Regional Security Strategy
Turkish presidential election, 2014
Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia[197]
Catalan general election, 2012 + Catalan independence referendum, 2013[198]
Venezuelan presidential election, 2012[199][200][201][202][203]
Georgian parliamentary election, 2012[204]
Global Partnership against Slavery and Human Trafficking[205]
Politics of Botswana[206]
Summit for Sustainability in Africa Botswana May 2012 --> = Gaborone Declaration
UN Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty --> UN Programme of Action
fossil water reserves
Political Declaration on Non-Communicable Diseases[207]
Mano River Union[208]
Preventive diplomacy I (see above)
Ernest Bai Koroma --> “Agenda for Change (2008-2012)” (see above)
United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone --> United Nations Joint Vision for Sierra Leone (see above)
Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone + National Commission for Disabled Persons--> Disability Act 2011 + Sexual Offences Act 2012 + Arms and Ammunition Bill 2012 (see above)
International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights + Convention Against Torture + ==African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights]] (see above)
Guinea-Sierra Leone relations (see above)
Sierra Leone general election, 2012 (see above) (and makeplural)
African Union Committee of Ten on the United Nations Reforms (see above)
Songun politics
United Nations Command[209]
United Nations reform (see above)
Ulji Freedom Guardian (see above)
Nuclear deterrent (see above)
June 15 North-South Joint Declaration and October 4 Declaration (see above)
world peace (see above)
Universal Declaration on the Rights of Nature[210]
ASEAN's Six-point Principles on South China Sea + Declaration of Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea + {[ASEAN Code of Conduct]][211]
water security (see above)
United Nations General Assembly reform (see above)
End Violence Against Women Legislative and Policy Reform (2012)[212]
Rio+20 "Future we Want" declarations (see above)
South-South cooperation (see above)
nuclear waste (see above)
COP 18 Doha (see above)
UN Women board (see above)
deep sea bottom trawling + purse seine fishing[213] Vessel Day Scheme --> Nauru Agreement (see above)
Protected Areas Network + Shark Haven Act + Shark sanctuary + Future Policy Award (see above)
Convention on Biological Diversity + Okeanos Foundation for the Sea + Global Environmental Facility + Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (see above)
Human Rights Council UniVersal Periodic Review + National Human Rights Institution (see above)
International Panel on Climate Change's Report on Managing Risks (see above)
public-private partnership[214] ICPD?? (see above)
High Level Meeting on the Sahel [215]
Alliance of Civilizations (see above)
Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean[216]
Gini coefficient (see above)
Barbados Programme of Action + Mauritius Strategy of Implementation[217]
Small Island Developing States (see above)
Sustainable Enegry for All (see above)
Economy of Dominica (energy, geothermal, hydro) (see above)
Clinton Climate Initiative (see above)
Foreign relations of Norway/Japan (aid) (see above) + Iceland
Politics of Canada[218]
European Financial Crisis#Spain[220]
Iran sanctions page [221]
Petrol diplomacy
Gujarat/Himacal lections[222]

Nomadic hip hop[223]
Desmond Tutu[224]
Nobel prize money[225]
Venezuelan general election, 2012[226]
[228][229][230][231][232][233]local government+[234]
2012 Maldives political crisis[235]
Libyan general election, 2012[236][237]
Syria-Turkey relations[238]
Mau-Mau rebellion[239]
Kevin Pieterson[241]
2011-2012 Jordanian protests + Jordanian parliamentary election, 2012[242]
Mohammed Morsi[243]
2012 Sudan-South Sudan conflict[244]
Logging in the Philippines[245]
Marikana miners' strike --> 2012 South African labour strikes[246][247]
\2012 Greek protests[[[248]
Maspero Youth Union[249]
Reggio Calabria + Local government[250]
2011 Ugandan protests+Ugandan presidential election, 2012[251]
Boko Haram+Human rights in Nigeria+Joint Task Force[252]
Russel Tribunal[253]
Argentinian economic crisis[257]
Malala Yousafzai[258][259][260][261]
Lithuanian general election, 2012[262]
2012 Rohingya conflict[263]
Norodom Sihanouk[264]
Law and order in Nepal[269]
Operation Babylift[270]
Affirmative actionp[271]
israeli general election, 2013[272][273][274]
Radovan Karadzic[275]
United States-East Asia relations[276]
Argentina-Ghana relations/[vulture fund]][277]
Wadi Natrun monastery
Belgium-Rwanda relations[278]
Azerbaijan-Israel relations[279]
21st ASEAN summit[280]
2012 Gaza war[281][282][283][284][285][286][287][288]
International Institute for the Unification of Private Law[289]
Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property[290]
Convention on Stolen or Illegally Exported Cultural Objects[291]
International Council of Museums[292]
Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict (1954)][293]
Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property[294]
World Customs Organization,[295]
Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization[296]
Colombia-Nicaragua relations[297][298][]
Battle of Goma[299][300][301]
Politics of Indian provinces
Trans-Asian highway[302][303]
Philippine-Taiwan relations [304]
Foreign relations of South Sudan[305]
Death and state funeral of Hugo Chávez
Margaret Thatcher
Pakistani general election, 2013
Kabylie Autonomy Movement
Impeachment of Fernando Lugo[306]
2013 Ethiopian Muslim protests[307][308]
Brdo process
Post-2015 development agenda
2015 census of Bosnia[309]
Arab-African summit[310]
Battle of Namka Chu[311], but NPOV
Chilean salmon crisis

2010 Moscow Metro attacks -- talk page
Hungarian parliamentary election, 2010 -- [312] [313] [314] [315] []
List of terrorist incidents... - preamble
5_April_2010_Peshawar_bombings -- merge
RIRACIRA ([316][317][318]) -- IMC
List of terrorist incidents, 2010 [319] [320] [321] + [322] [323] [324]
Jewish exodus from Arab lands
Relieve usage of terrorist in titles as per WP:WTA
Gaza flotilla clash [325][326][327]
Irish - Palestinian relations [328]
Air India Express Flight 812 [329]

Syrian occupation of Lebanon
Adaisseh incident --> [330][331][332][333][334][335][336][337][338][339][340][341][342] Lebanon’s Diplomatic Mass Rallies World SupportLebanon “Misused” US Military Aid Aimed at HezbollahMottaki Blames UNIFIL for Tuesday SkirmishIsrael planes fly over south LebanonUS: Lebanese Army Firing at Israeli Soldiers Unjustifiable!Israeli Rabbis Predict “Bloody War” This MonthLebanon's 'hot summer'Israel Shocked: Army Turned to Be Resistance's Friend! US blocks $100m aid to Lebanon army Berri: Respect Hezbollah revelations>> 'No War in UNIFIL Area of Operations in Next Few Months'>> Murr to US: You Can Keep Your 'Conditional' Aid>> Israeli plane violates Lebanon airspace>> Lebanon Opens Bank Account to Raise Funds for Army --> WP:Quote >> Hariri Vows to Spare No Effort to Protect Stability in Lebanon>> Israeli spy balloon flies over Lebanon>> Israel, US Trying to Halt a French-Lebanese Arms DealIran Ready to Arm Lebanon, Solve Electricity File in Six Months>> Israeli Planes Violate Lebanon Airspace for 17 Hours>> Israeli Occupation Forces Fired at Lebanese Soldiers
United Kingdom general elections, 2010 --> Nick Griffin
Australian federal election, 2010 --> [343] + >> Election Deadlock Sends Australian Dollar Lower; Investors May Shun Stocks Australia May Ax Mining Tax After Labor Fails to Win Majority Going Bananas Leaves Global Investors Hanging: William Pesek>> Australia's Independent Legislators Set to End Two-Week Election Deadlock
2010 Pakistan floods --> [344]
Colombia–Venezuela relations#2010 --> [345][346]
Registrar --> disambiguate
2010 in LGBT rights--> [347]
2010 Pakistan floods --> [348] + INDIA GIves $25 from #5m before
August 2010 Mogadishu attacks --> [349]>> Somali fighters attack capital>> Somalia violence kills 11 civilians>> Somali presidential palace shelled>> Several dead in Somali violence
2010 Qur'an-burning controversy --> [350][351]
2010 Times Sqaure bombings
Nuclear program of Iran --> [352] Kareena Kapoor
Talk:Barack Obama
List of terrorist incidents, 2010
2010 FIFA World Cup --> [353] + odds
Tareq Aziz --> [354][355][356][357][358][359][360][361][362][363][364][365][366]

Irish general election, 2011 --> [367][368][369]

Wikipedia:WikiProject Council/Proposals/Confederate States of America
Wikipedia:WikiProject Council/Guide/WikiProject
Wikipedia:WikiProject Council/Guide
Wikipedia:WikiProject Military history/American Civil War task force/Talk:Confederate States of America

User:Mr.Z-man/Popular pages FAQ

Surinamese literature
History of Gouda
Christians/Jews in Syria uprising [370][371]


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Hello Lihaas Your reference came up in the Wikipedia section detailing "available mentors". I am in dire need of one. You also catagorized yourself as being someone dealing with Political Articles, especially elections across the world. This indication spoke to me, as I am struggling to correct misleading information about Thailand Political realities. It has led me to consider the possibility that one side of the Political Divide in Thailand has captured the narrative on Wikipedia. The misleading information concerns powerful oligarchic non-elective forces vs. electoral democracy. The article that captured this reality is entitled "2010 Thai Political Protests". I come to this issue from the side of electoral democracy, but have been totally stymied by the other side of this political divide. I am 'spinning my wheels' and not making any progress. I mentioned this in the "mentorship" page, requesting such assistance, and even referencing your name. But my newby status and limited functionality here, makes me concerned that I am not communicating effectively in this request. Please advise your disposition to this in a manner that I will access. My user/talk/nickname is Ferwert. Thx. Unsure of signature requirements. What are those jiggly lines.