Sam Denby (born March 17, 1998) is an American YouTuber who created the edutainment YouTube channels Wendover Productions, Half as Interesting, Extremities, and the travel competition show Jet Lag: The Game. Across all of Denby's channels, he has accumulated more than 1 billion views and more than 4 million subscribers. He is the chief content officer of streaming service Nebula.

Sam Denby
Denby in 2023
Personal information
Born (1998-03-17) March 17, 1998 (age 26)[‡ 1][‡ 2]
YouTube information
Years active2015–present
GenreEducational entertainment
    • 4.53 million (Wendover Productions)
    • 2.64 million (Half as Interesting)
    • 660 thousand (Jet Lag: The Game)
    • 162 thousand (Extremities)
    • 56.6 thousand (Sam from Wendover)
Total views
    • 679 million (Wendover Productions)
    • 625 million (Half as Interesting)
    • 47 million (Jet Lag: The Game)
    • 1.65 million (Extremities)
    • 737 thousand (Sam from Wendover)
100,000 subscribers2016
1,000,000 subscribers2018

Last updated: July 16, 2023



Wendover Productions


Created in 2010, Denby's primary channel is Wendover Productions. As of March 8, 2024, that channel has over 4.42 million subscribers and more than 674 million total video views.[1] His videos most commonly feature the topics of logistics, most notably those of aviation, as well as geography, economics,[2] and military. The Wendover Productions video about tourism in Iceland received significant attention from Iceland's national newspapers.[3] Wendover Productions is based in Aspen, Colorado.[4]

Half as Interesting


Launched on August 26, 2017, Denby's second YouTube channel, “Half as Interesting”, publishes weekly releases on an unrestricted range of curious topics delivered in a witty style. The videos are 2‒3 times shorter than a typical release on the main channel and are dedicated to a single little-known fact each. According to the launch announcement, the channel continues the well-liked coverage of topics from the Wikipedia:Unusual articles list, referred to as “That Wikipedia List” or TWL, which was previously published on the main channel, but doesn't restrict its scope to it.[5] By the end of Q1 2024 the channel had 2.6 million subscribers, over 450 published videos and more than 620 million cumulative views.[6]



In June 2019, Denby created a scripted podcast called Extremities about the logistics of living in the world's most isolated and populated locations.[7] The show's format has since been modified into short documentaries exclusive to the streaming service Nebula with the same concept.

Jet Lag: The Game


"It is a brutally exhausting show to film. Imagine a bad travel day where you end up waiting between flights on connections and going in and out of airports all day."[8]

Sam Denby

Denby's YouTube channel Jet Lag: The Game hosts a travel competition show created by Denby and Half as Interesting's writers, Ben Doyle (the son of writer Larry Doyle) and Adam Chase.[8] Inspired by The Amazing Race, the season usually consists of four players (with the fourth player being another YouTuber). The show was nominated for Best Editing at the 13th Streamy Awards.

All air travel on the show is carbon-offset by a multiple of 10 via Gold Standard carbon credits.[9] As of June, 2024, the channel has over 660 thousand subscribers and more than 50 million total video views.[‡ 3] The episodes were released on Nebula one week earlier than YouTube, causing large spikes to Nebula's usage traffic.[10]



On August 25, 2023, Nebula announced that they had appointed Denby as their chief content officer.[11] Nebula's CEO stated, "the process for developing Nebula Originals should be creator-led, so we turned to a creator with a solid track record for format development across production styles and genres to lead the charge on content as we continue to expand our Originals slate for Nebula." Denby also holds a minority stake in the content distribution platform.[12]

Personal life


Denby was born and raised in Washington, D.C..[‡ 4] In 2018, Denby stated he had been living in Edinburgh, Scotland, for the past two years for university studies at the University of Edinburgh.[‡ 5]: 1:32 As of April 2018, he was studying international business.[‡ 6] He has said that he has also lived in Rennes, France and Sydney, Australia.[13] As of 2020, Denby stated he has lived in Colorado, somewhere around Aspen.[‡ 7][‡ 8] Through Standard, he became a minority owner in the streaming service Nebula in 2020.[‡ 9]

Awards and nominations

2023 13th Streamy Awards Editing Jet Lag: The Game Nominated [14]




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