Green Bay Press-Gazette

The Green Bay Press-Gazette is a newspaper whose primary coverage northeastern Wisconsin, including Green Bay.

Green Bay Press-Gazette
Press-Gazette Building
TypeDaily newspaper
PublisherAndy Fisher
EditorPeter Frank
Founded1866 (as the Green Bay Gazette)
Headquarters435 East Walnut Street,
Green Bay, WI 54301 U.S.
Circulation16,484 (as of 2022)[1]
OCLC number10787057



The newspaper was founded as the Green Bay Gazette in 1866 as a weekly paper, becoming a daily newspaper in 1871. The Green Bay Gazette merged with its major competitor, the Green Bay Free Press in 1915, assuming its current title. The newspaper was purchased by Gannett in March 1980.[2]

In 1972, an internal labor dispute led to the creation of the Green Bay News-Chronicle by striking workers. In 2004, the News-Chronicle was taken over by Press-Gazette publisher, Gannett, who closed it in 2005.

On March 24, 2012, seven Press-Gazette employees were among 25 Gannett employees in Wisconsin who were disciplined by Gannett for signing the petition to recall Governor Scott Walker. Gannett stated that this was a violation of the company's code of journalistic ethics.[3][4]


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